Sustainable transport by water

Our Services


Our chartering team has many years of experience in inland shipping. Together with our extensive network of inland shipping operators, we offer a solution to all your transportation questions over water.

Transport takeover

To unburden our customers, we can take over your total transportation if required. TransMatch ensures that your goods are delivered door-to-door on time.

Greening and digitalization

Transport by inland shipping is sustainable and cheaper than other forms of transport. This is a perfect match for the current situation in which corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important and the aim is to achieve less environmentally harmful transport. 

At home in all markets

Bulk, animal feeds, fertilizers, break bulk, ...

About us

TransMatch is a young chartering office that has grown from the inland shipping industry. Our people have themselves sailed on ships for years, so they have the expertise to provide a solution for all transport questions. Accessibility and reliability are the core values of our company, through our short lines and clear communication we build long-term relationships with our customers.

Added value through experience

Thanks to our years of experience in inland shipping, our charterers have all the knowledge needed to get your goods to their destination under all circumstances.

Active throughout Europe

We operate 24/7 on all European waterways and canals.

Extensive fleet

TransMatch has its own shipping facilities and a permanent fleet ranging from 500 to 4,000 tons.